Smack Talk

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Smack Talk is where I talk about whatever’s going on currently in my life. I�ve deleted older posts to clean everything up moving into the new year 2022, giving the site a refresh it needed so much.�

12/26/2021- Hope everyone had a Happy Holidays. I was fortunate to spend the holiday off and with my family and had a great time. I spent today working on new art for the site this morning and then went to see the new Spider-Man movie with my daughter and her boyfriend which was a lot of fun. She surprised me at Christmas saying how much she wanted to see it and I did too so it worked out �perfect as we all had the day off and were able to go together.�

As far as creating it�s been a little slow lately. In September I was moved in my job and had a substantial schedule change to a typical Monday-Friday day schedule in a non creative position that I work full time. I have a good job as a production supervisor so I don�t want to complain, but my creative endeavors do come in 2nd even though they are on my mind most of the time. When I switched hours at work I was assigned a new area to supervise, and while it�s been good it required a lot of focus to learn all of the new information necessary to make my new department go. Any time I put in that much time and energy into learning so much new, it has the tendency to drain my creative battery. Well it�s been a few months now and I�m settling back in and back to the old habits of making new stuff. I�ll work on getting more of it on this site on a regular basis. With that, keep checking back for updates.

Thanks, � �