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Hey, thanks for coming back and checking out Smack Talk at, the place to find escaped mental patient and creative guru Aaron Bigelow rambling in his corner of the internet he’s purchased. I’ve been working on getting everything ready for Siouxpercon that I have booked for me and my partner in crime Alex Harper. We’re going to start showing people what Awaken Comics are about…which is making good comics, and acting inappropriately in public. I’ve been at the computer a lot helping Alex prepare some covers for his comic The Porkchop, working on getting little things prepared for this website, and my sister website awakencomics.comĀ Awaken’s website needs a full rebuild since we haven’t been posting much since I started my new job and was getting settled in the last 2 years. I was still working on comics, but didn’t want to press myself too hard as I have a good day job and intend to keep it. Comics are a passion and I will always work on them in my free time, but since I write, draw, color, letter, publish, do 2 websites, and do all of the business end, it all just takes time. It sure is a lot of fun and a great adventure to try to navigate publishing in today’s world though. Self publishing is a great way to start because we didn’t have to ask anyone for permission, we just made product and paid to have it made, now we need a place to sell it. I’ve got a lot of great things planned for Awaken Comics in the next year, including To The Death issues 1&2, both stories are double size issues as well. I’m prepping a plan to make them available to everyone and I’ll announce it here and over all the social media platforms I’m on when I have more information. Thanks for checking back, I’ll have more funnies prepped laters!


Welcome back to Smack Talk at I’m Aaron Bigelow, cartoonist, writer, graphic designer, guy who just likes to make media in general. I wish I had more time and a couple more arms to work with so I could do two stories at a time, but that’s just not the case. For now, you’ll have to settle for To The Death! An action/adventure/sci-fi/comedy story that’s something like Gladiator mixed with Trailer Park Boys with time travel. It’s like nothing out there, so I hope you find it as entertaining as me and my friends do.

Most recent news is that my small run of To The Death! is back from the printer and they look fantastic, I couldn’t be more pleased. I’ve done a ton of work taking this 41 page story that I put together in a little sketchbook and making it look like it belongs on the store shelf next to the likes of Marvel, DC, and Image books. My little hobby label, Awaken Comics looks legit, but we’re just a couple of friends at this point who enjoy putting stories together and truth be told, we have a lot to learn on the business side of things. Overall, I’ve had a really good time figuring all of this stuff out. I’ve had to learn to make a comic, make a website, put my comics together for print, make logos, and on and on. This journey of making comics has been really fun and I can’t think of a better way to waste my time here on this blue and green ball floating through space we call Earth.

1st Post.

Thanks for stopping by This is where I talk about whatever’s going on, currently I just sent the first issue of my comic book To The Death to the printer, which is pretty exciting.

To The Death’s first issue is 48 pages of pure entertainment, it’s Gladiator, meets Trailer Park boys…with time travel. I’m really pleased with the way this came out. It was originally a project that I started to keep with me to work on anytime I had a chance, produced in a 5.5×8 inch sketchbook with really toothy paper that was hard to ink on. I had to use a brush pen to ink the majority of it, with a technical pen to fill in some little details, but mostly brushed in. It’s result came out much better than I had anticipated. I’ll have my self published comics ready to sell at conventions later this year and in the future there will be more To The Death as I am currently 25 pages into the next story arc. The next To The Death will be produced in the classic 11×17 inch format that’s the industry standard and I’m really taking my time with this Part 2 and trying to make the extra effort to take the art in my comic books to the next level.

I’ll be posting more on the making of To The Death in the future, photos, advice on making comic books, the materials I use etc. in the near future, so keep checking back.


Aaron Bigelow